Indian Country Today: Tarantino’s ‘dead Indians’ and the roots of American violence

By Nancy Marie Mithlo August 9, 2019 As other viewers of Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film ‘Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood’ laughed at Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘the only good Indian is a dead Indian’ refrain, Nancy Marie Mithlo, Chiricahua Apache, cringed My day job is as an American Indian Studies professor at a major university. Actually, like … Read more

Op-Ed by President Obama in Indian Country Today

This morning, in an op-ed published in Indian Country Today, President Obama announced his upcoming travel to Cannonball N.D. to visit the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on Friday, June 13. The President will be accompanied by the First Lady in his first visit to Indian Country since taking office. The following op-ed by President Obama … Read more