Faculty Advisory Committee

The UCLA American Indian Studies Center Faculty Advisory Committee comprises of members from different departments all over the campus. Click on each individual members’ research focus to read more about them.

Members of the FAC are available for contact by the media: Media Contact List.


Faculty Advisory Committee Chair

  • Professor Teresa McCarty
    UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
    Email: teresa.mccarty@ucla.edu
    Research Focus

Members of the Faculty Advisory Committee

  • Professor Stephen Acabado
    Department of Anthropology
    Email: acabado@ucla.edu
    Research Focus

  • Associate Professor Randall Akee (Native Hawaiian)
    Department of Public Policy
    Email: rakee@ucla.edu
    Research Focus

  • Assistant Professor Tria Blu Wakpa
    Department of World Arts and Culture/Dance
    Email: triabluwakpa@arts.ucla.edu
    Research Focus

  • Associate Professor Jessica Cattelino
    Department of Anthropology
    Email: jesscatt@anthro.ucla.edu
    Research Focus

  • Associate Professor Nanibaa’ Garrison
    Institute for Society and Genetics
    Email: nanibaa@socgen.ucla.edu
    Research Focus

  • Professor Paul Kroskrity
    Department of Anthropology
    Email: paulvk@ucla.edu
    Research Focus

  • Associate Professor Oona Paredes
    Department of Asian Languages and Cultures
    Email: oparedes@humnet.ucla.edu
    Research Focus

  • Assistant Professor Rodrigo Ranero
    Department of Spanish & Portuguese
    Email: ranero@g.ucla.edu
    Research Focus

  • Professor Angela R. Riley (Citizen Potawatomi Nation)
    School of Law
    Email: riley@law.ucla.edu
    Research Focus

  • Dr. Gaspar Rivera-Salgado, ex officio
    Director of UCLA Center for Mexican Studies and Project Director at the UCLA IRLE-Labor Center
    Email: griverasalgado@ucla.edu
    Research Focus

  • Professor David Shorter
    Department of World Arts and Culture/Dance
    Email: shorter@ucla.edu
    Research Focus

  • Rey Soto, ex officio
    Staff Representative
    MACS Data Manager, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology
    Email: reysoto@ucla.edu

  • Professor Shannon Speed, ex officio (Chickasaw)
    Director of American Indian Studies Center; Department of Gender Studies and Anthropology
    Email: sspeed@aisc.ucla.edu
    Research Focus

  • Associate Professor Aradhna Tripati (Fijian)
    Institute of Environmental & Sustainability, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences
    Email: atripati@g.ucla.edu
    Research Focus