American Indian Studies Department


The UCLA American Indian Studies Department offers an undergraduate major, minor and a graduate level two-year Master’s degree. The IDP seeks to provide a multi-disciplinary, academic approach to studying contemporary issues and problems in Indian Country, both urban and rural. The program is designed to benefit, though not limited to, research scholars, teaching candidates and those individuals interested in employment in governmental, tribal, or social service, law and policy-related fields.

The program strives to merge the concerns of the academy with research aims of the Native community. The IDP advocates a holistic framework for studying American Indian society, transcending traditional disciplinary boundaries. Our extensive faculty, affiliated faculty and lecturers represent a range of disciplinary fields from the humanities and social sciences. Through disciplines such as Law, Women’s Studies, History, Public Health, Anthropology and Sociology the IDP offers a multi-faceted approach of examining intersections of gender, race, identity and nationhood.

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UCLA American Indian Studies Interdepartmental Program


Randall Akee
Associate Professor and Chair
UCLA American Indian Studies Interdepartmental Program

Student Affairs Officer
UCLA American Indian Studies Interdepartmental Program
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