Sharing a Heritage: American Indian Arts

Edited by Charlotte Heth, assisted by Michael Swarm, 1991. This collection of essays grew out of a 1982 conference organized around the theme of “sharing” in historical (or traditional) and contemporary arts. Contributors include scholars and practicing American Indian artists. The essays in this book address the issue of cultural development for individual and community … Read more

Apocalypse of Chiokoyhikoy: Chief of the Iroquois

Edited by Robert Griffin and Donald A. Grinde Jr., 1997. Said to have been written by an Iroquois prophet in 1305, and revealed to a French emissary in 1776, this text has languished in French book repositories since 1777. An evaluation of the original text, said to be of an Iroquois prophet Chiokoyhikoy, comes from … Read more

A Sacred Path: The Way of the Muscogee Creeks

By Jean Chaudhuri and Joyotpaul Chaudhuri, 2001. A Sacred Path explains and documents Creek persistence as a people despite having been defrauded and dispossessed of their ancient homelands. The book connects the Muscogee sacred history with the land, the spirit world, the confederacy`s sociopolitical organization, and its ceremonial cycle in a carefully researched and well-written single … Read more