NYTimes: ‘Who Speaks Wukchumni?’

Throughout the United States, many Native American languages are struggling to survive. According to Unesco, more than 130 of these languages are currently at risk, with 74 languages considered “critically endangered.” These languages preserve priceless cultural heritage, and some hold unexpected value nuances in these languages convey unparalleled knowledge of the natural world. Many of … Read more

NYTimes: Obama Points to ‘Legitimate Concerns’ Over Redskin’ Name

By KEN BELSON Published: October 5, 2013 The long-simmering debate over the Washington Redskins’ name took a new turn when President Obama said that he would consider changing it if he were the team’s owner. Obama’s comments are likely to stoke the dispute, which has forced the team, the N.F.L. and politicians on both sides … Read more

NYTimes: Quietly, Indians Reshape Cities and Reservations

By TIMOTHY WILLIAMS Published: April 13, 2013 MINNEAPOLIS — Nothing in her upbringing on a remote Indian reservation in northern Minnesota prepared Jean Howard for her introduction to city life during a visit here eight years ago: an outbreak of gunfire, followed by the sight of people scattering. She watched, confused, before realizing that she … Read more