[The New Republic] How to Make a Deadly Pandemic in Indian Country

Assistant Professor Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear quoted in the article— How to Make a Deadly Pandemic in Indian Country From the 1918 Spanish flu to Covid-19, broken treaties have been the foundation of health crises among Native people. Nick Martin/July 22, 2020 In 1868, four years after the Navajo Nation was forcibly removed from its homelands in … Read more

NYTimes: Lawlessness on Indian Land

Editorial Lawlessness on Indian Land Published: November 21, 2012 Violence and crime rage unchecked in Indian country, yet the federal government, the primary law enforcer on reservations, is investigating and prosecuting fewer violent felonies, and reducing financing for tribal courts and public-safety programs. That is a scandal. Timothy Williams reported in The Times last week … Read more