USAToday: Alcoholism joke on CBS sitcom angers Arizona tribes

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP)  Arizona tribal members say they’re shocked by a television sitcom that made fun of one of the most pervasive social ills on American Indian reservations and alcoholism. One of the characters on the CBS show Mike & Molly joked about drunken Indians in Arizona, a state that is home to 21 federally … Read more

CBS: Native American Women Veterans Celebrate President’s Inauguration

By Byron Pitts January 21, 2013 PUEBLO WEST, Colo. – About 2,800 groups applied to be part of the Inaugural parade on Monday. The president’s inaugural committee chose 60, including one with deep roots in this land. They often perform to a sound of pageantry centuries old. They are the first Native American Women Warrior … Read more