[The Sacramento Bee] Gavin Newsom apologizes on California’s behalf to native tribes for slaughter of ancestors

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the UCLA American Indian Studies Center Gov. Gavin Newsom formally apologized to California Native Americans through an executive order Tuesday for the state’s “dark history” of violence against indigenous people. “It’s called a genocide,” Newsom said at a ceremony announcing the state’s apology. “No other way to describe it… I’m … Read more

The New York Times: Book Review ‘An American Genocide,’ by Benjamin Madley

By Alan Taylor May 27, 2016 The state of sunshine and pleasure is drenched in the blood of Indians, the victims of mass killings. These peaked between 1846, when Americans conquered California from Mexico, and 1873, when they snuffed out the last group resistance by natives in the state. The slaughter of California’s Indians was … Read more

Newsweek: ‘California Slaughter: The State-Sanctioned Genocide of Native Americans’

By Alexander Nazaryan August 17, 2016 The tally is relentlessly grim: a whole settlement wiped out in Trinity County “excepting a few children”; an Indian girl raped and left to die somewhere near Mendocino; as many as 50 killed at Goose Lake; and, two months later, as many as 257 murdered at Grouse Creek, scores … Read more