[Indian Country Today] Citizen Potawatomi Nation launches college language courses

Citizen Potawatomi Nation

In recent years, more Native American tribes across the country are building programs to preserve, maintain and revitalize their traditional languages, including Citizen Potawatomi Nation (CPN). It recently received a federal grant of $82,609 to launch college-level language courses.

The grant was awarded under the Administration for Native Americans’ Emergency Native Language Funding Opportunity program from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families.

Out of 300 Indigenous languages once spoken in the United States, only 175 remain. The Citizen Potawatomi Nation Department of Education formed a team to offer classes on its traditional language Bodéwadmimwen, to higher education institutions.

“We aim to reach our people where they are,” Citizen Potawatomi Nation Language Aide Robert Collins said. “The Department of Education approached colleges with the most Potawatomi enrolled.”

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