[OPB] University of Oregon and Eastern Oregon University announce programs supporting Native American students

By the end of Indigenous Peoples’ Day all of Oregon’s public universities had programs moving forward aimed at giving financial support to Native American students.

Both the University of Oregon and Eastern Oregon University announced programs Monday, following Oregon’s five other public universities that made similar strides in the past few months.

University of Oregon’s Home Flight Scholars Program differs from what’s offered at the other public universities, with a focus on students in the state, rather than those living elsewhere in the country. UO’s program will cover full tuition and fees, and provide advising and mentorship opportunities for Native American undergraduate students at UO. Eligible students must be enrolled members of one of the 574 federally recognized tribes and be Oregon residents. Money for the program comes from a combination of federal, state and institutional grants.

“The university is dedicated to the success of Oregon’s American Indian/Alaska Native students,” Interim UO President Patrick Phillips said in a statement. “The Home Flight Scholars Program tackles the unique challenges these students face and prepares them to graduate with an education and the experience that empowers them to return home and make a positive impact in their communities and for their families.”

The program is immediately available to the roughly 150 to 175 Native American undergraduate students at UO who are Oregon residents, contingent on their eligibility.

UO developed the program with its Native American Advisory Council, according to the university.

Five Oregon public universities previously announced programs that offer in-state tuition to Native American students enrolled in any federally recognized tribe, regardless of where they live. Eastern Oregon University’s newly announced program follows that model.

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