[Native News Online] Portland State University Offers In-State Tuition for all Enrolled Members of Federally Recognized Tribes

Native students from anywhere in the United States can now attend Portland State University (PSU) for the same price as in-state students.

Previously, out-of-state Native students did not qualify for the in-state tuition prices. Now, out-of-state Natives who are enrolled in a federally recognized tribe can get their tuition rates decreased. All the student needs to prove this status is their enrollment card, or a letter from their tribe’s enrollment office.

Out-of-state tuition for PSU is about $29,000 as of 2019-20. The discount for these newly qualified students is about $420 per credit hour, or $19,000 an academic year for 15 credit hours a semester. Although this discount is not fully-free tuition, it is still a major step in the right direction in increasing equity in higher institutions for Native students.

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