Angela Robinson, Winner of the Summer Institute on Global Indigeneities (SIGI) Competition

Congratulations to Angela Robinson (Wito clan of Chuuk, Micronesia), an ABD student in the UCLA Gender Studies program, winner of the Summer Institute on Global Indigeneities (SIGI) competition!

Robinson will be representing UCLA in June 2016 at the University of Washington where the Summer Institute on Global Indigeneities (SIGI) will be hosted. SIGI is a program for 12 graduate students from UW and partner institutions. The product of on-going conversations and collaboration among scholars at the Universities of Hawai’i (Manoa), British Columbia (Vancouver), California (Los Angeles), Minnesota (Twin Cities) and Washington (Seattle), SIGI is a pilot program for what we hope will become an annual meeting of junior and senior scholars in the interdisciplinary and global field of Indigenous and Native Studies. Through a week of workshops, lectures, and collaborative learning activities, graduate students from the UW will join other students from partner institutions and work with a teaching team of four faculty members: Hokulani Aikau (UH), Chadwick Allen (UW), Vicente Diaz (UM), and José Antonio Lucero (UW).

SIGI activities will focus on the intellectual and institutional project of articulating Indigenous Studies, understood as a set of epistemological, methodological, and professional strategies for the successful completion and dissemination of creative research projects situated within and across distinctive areas of Indigenous Studies that may not always be legible to conventional academic disciplines.

Posted April 26, 2016 3:58 PM PST