In Memoriam: Robert Owens-Greygrass (1954–2013)

From the Native Voices at the Autry

In Memoriam

Robert Owens-Greygrass (1954–2013)

Robert Owens-Greygrass performed professionally for more than twenty years as a storyteller and actor. His body of work included Lakota and other tribal stories, poetry, short stories, theatre, film, and standup comedy. He performed in countless venues, including the National Museum of the American Indian, universities, theatres, festivals, prisons, reservations, and urban centers across the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and England. In 2004 Robert stepped onto the Autry’s stage, and for the next nine years our Native Voices family was honored to share time with him. He was a much-loved friend, colleague, teacher, and performer. We will always remember his wonderful medicine man/storyteller in Kino & Teresa, his heartbreaking Wolfert in Salvage, his tour-de-force solo performances in Walking on Turtle Island and Ghostlands of an Urban NDN, and most recently, his lonesome Indian cowboy, Rope, in The Bird House. All of us at Native Voices were blessed to work with Robert, and we are grateful to have known such a gifted, gracious, and talented artist.

“Make art . . . make good medicine in the world.” —Robert Owens-Greygrass

The Autry will host a memorial service in honor of Robert on Saturday, September 28, 3:00 p.m.
We will provide additional details through our Facebook page and our next e-blast.