“I have not received no religious material on the Native way of worshipping. I have been in here for 15 years and have many more moons to go.”
—Holdenville, Oklahoma

“I am 1 of 26 of the Native community here and I sit on the tri-council as one of the elders…we also established 1 night a week to get together with younger bro’s of the circle and pass on traditions, knowledge on cultural aspects, languages, etc….We as a whole would greatly be interested in this “Journal.”
—Federal Correctional Institution Fairton, New Jersey

“We are a group (about 65) from various tribes who come together weekly at the Inter-Faith Chapel to keep alive our Native American traditions and culture…we are writing to ask if you can donate some sorely needed items to our group.”
—Idaho State Correctional Institute, Boise, Idaho

“I’m a council member of the North Facility Inter-Tribal Hoop and we still practice the sweat-lodge and we still practice the Lakota way of life…Well, I am looking for these tribes of knowledge due to our high influx of younger men in these prison settings who want to learn their Indian ways!”
—Soledad, California

“I am one of the many Native Americans seeking help, there is so much struggle inside the prison system for us Natives, our native ways are slowly disappearing and for us who are trying to keep the traditions alive, there is a never ending battle against the administration. We are in desperate need of spiritual guidance”
—Corcoran, California