“All of the Native Americans who comprise the spiritual circle here had already agreed to my being a guest at the lodge, but to now know the history of gay California Indians allows me to approach the honor I have been afforded with the proper frame of reference.”
—Lancaster, California


“Hello! We have received the books and are once again thankful for your sharing these resources. The teachers are excited to get these to the kids. Thanks again!”
—Sierra Vista, AZ


“Thank you for the books and movies. We currently have a Native American student who asked to take The South Corner of Time to her room for free time reading. I hope to develop a short thematic unit utilizing the materials and information you sent.”
—Gloria Dusek Compass School, Kingman, AZ


“On behalf of the Montana Women’s Prison and our American Indian population, I would like to thank you for your donation of publications made August 14, 2013. This generous donation assists the library in providing a wider selection of Native publications to our incarcerated women to read.”
—Operations Manager, Montana Women’s Prison


“Thank you for the new box of books I just received. I’m building a resource library, and these books are much appreciated.”
—Hualapai Juvenile Detention, Peach Springs, AZ