UCLA AISC Staff: Annalisa Zox-Weaver

Judy DeTar
Senior EditorCampbell Hall 3211
Ph. (310) 206-7514
eMail: senior-ed@aisc.ucla.edu

Biographical Information

Annalisa received her PhD in English from the University of Southern California and her BA from UCLA. She has been a freelance copyeditor in the social sciences and humanities for twenty years, working with a range of presses and journals. Her editing specialties include education, history, law, and political science.

Annalisa’s 2011 book, Women Modernists and Fascism, looks at how female modernists were both influenced and fascinated by the rhetorical and aesthetic manifestations of fascism, https://www.cambridge.org/us/academic/subjects/literature/english-literature-1900-1945/women-modernists-and-fascism?format=HB&isbn=9781107008526. Her research examines issues of gender, violence, fascism, visual culture, and sexuality. She is currently writing a book on Sylvia Plath.

Annalisa will handle copyediting, author communications, production tracking and she will manage the peer review process.